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Tis the Season to Celebrate!

Let Castleton Host the Special Events Leading up to Your Big Day

The holiday season is upon us; it’s a magical time filled with love, joy, and the promise of new beginnings. It’s a season filled with gatherings to celebrate the people who matter most in your life. What better way to kick off this enchanting season than with a heartwarming proposal?

If you’ve found that special someone you want to spend the rest of your life with and plan to propose during the holiday season, you’re in for an unforgettable journey! Your proposal marks the first official chapter in the beautiful story of your love, leading up to one of the most significant days of your life together. It also starts a domino effect of multiple traditional events to celebrate before the most special celebration – your wedding day.

Let the party planning begin! At Castleton Banquet and Conference Center, we understand the importance of each special celebration you’re tasked with planning before the big day. We enjoy helping couples make each moment, from the proposal to saying “I do,” as special as the next. Whether you need a special spot for one or all of these milestone events, we’d love to be your go-to spot for all your wedding-related events.

Learn how we can help you plan a seamless and unforgettable string of special events that you and your guests will talk about for years to come.

Plan Your Wedding-Related Events at Castleton

They said yes. Congratulations! You now have several parties to plan during the bustling holiday season. But with the help of the team and our preferred vendors at Castleton Banquet and Conference Center, you’ll enjoy a stress-free party-planning experience for any and all events held at our waterfront venue in Windham, NH. We’re here to help ensure your guests feel welcome while also sprinkling a little bit of extra holiday cheer throughout the event.

The Engagement Party

First up, the engagement party! It’s time to celebrate your impending nuptials with an intimate and relatively casual affair, inviting your closest friends and family members to toast to your newly made commitment to each other. We have indoor and outdoor space to accommodate this kickoff party based on your needs and the time of year. For holiday-themed events, there are plenty of ways to make each of our spaces more festive to match the season and ensure all of your guests are feeling the holiday spirit!

You can keep it simple with light appetizers and a champagne toast included, or opt for a full dinner package. Our immense attention to detail and years of experience enable us to go above and beyond your expectations for what’s possible. We’re happy to customize each event to meet your needs and wishes. It’s your dream celebration; we’re just here to bring it to life!

The Wedding Shower

Next, it’s time to shower the happy couple with gifts from their registry, donations to causes they care about, or funds for their dream honeymoon. It’s a great way for soon-to-be newlyweds to get some initial housewares, home decor, kitchen appliances, and other home-related items to help them start their lives together on the right foot.

Alternatively, some couples request donations to their favorite causes or funds for a tropical trip in lieu of physical gifts, and the shower is just another excuse to get together, eat, drink, and be merry. If your wedding shower occurs during the holiday season, our preferred vendors can help you tailor your decorations accordingly!

However you choose to kick off your life together, we have a space for you to gather and celebrate in style and a mix of mouthwatering menu items to suit your taste buds.

The Rehearsal Dinner

When it comes time to rehearse the ceremony and any aspects of the reception that need to be practiced, finding the right space to accommodate the wedding party for this epic event and the dinner party that follows is essential. Guests of this event consist mostly of members of the wedding party but may also include any family or friends traveling from far away.

This relaxing evening of dinner and speech-giving is the last mini-celebration before the biggest and most important event – the wedding. Depending on the season and your wedding theme, Castleton provides multiple options (both indoors and outdoors) for holding a memorable rehearsal dinner before you say, “I do.”

Though the holiday season in New England isn’t historically ideal for holding outdoor events, who’s to say your guests won’t want to peruse our beautiful grounds before the main event or for an after-dinner stroll? Features include a waterfall, pergola, several outdoor fireplaces, footbridge, fountain, and the serene banks of Cobbetts Pond.

Anniversary Parties, Baby Showers, and Micro Weddings

Beyond specific pre-wedding events, there are many other events for couples to enjoy at our venue. For those who want to keep the nuptials short, sweet, and intimate, our private dining area is the ideal spot for a micro wedding, with room for a smaller party of 10 to 35 guests. From celebrating milestone anniversaries to baby showers and gender reveals, we have a space to fit your needs and a staff looking to exceed your expectations.

Year-Round Picture-Perfect Event Space

When it comes to choosing venues for each milestone event leading up to your special day, finding one that’s “Instagram Worthy” is basically a non-negotiable these days. If your guests can’t snap selfies with breathtaking backgrounds to win the hearts of their followers, did the event even happen?

As one of the only waterfront wedding venues in southern New Hampshire, Castleton’s breathtaking scenery overlooking Cobetts Pond offers a unique spot to say “I do” and to celebrate all the events leading up to the ultimate celebration of love. There are countless backdrops for you and your guests to capture the evening’s best moments to look back on for years.

You can host your event inside, with options for groups of 35-800 guests, or outside in the garden or at the beach. Our venue’s beauty is matched only by our commitment to incredible service. We are confident that our staff and preferred vendors will impress you from the moment we begin planning your event. Learn more or book your upcoming event today!