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Special Touches to Elevate Your Wedding

You’ve found the perfect space to celebrate your special day and picked a date to say, “I do.” Now, it’s time to bring your vision to life. Whether you have a specific theme in mind or just a general vibe you’re going for, every little detail matters. Even the most beautiful space can be elevated further by making it your own.

By incorporating unique touches in every aspect of your planning, you can make your wedding a beautiful and extraordinary experience that no one will forget. Here are some creative ideas to delight your guests and make your big day truly unforgettable.

Pass the Treats, Please

Imagine this: You’re on the dance floor, surrounded by your closest friends and loved ones, and a server comes by with a tray of delicious treats. This small gesture can make a big impact ensuring no one has to stop dancing or mingling to grab a quick bite, and no one leaves hungry. Here are some ideas for fun treats to fuel your guests while they bust out their signature moves or share hilarious stories about how they met the newlyweds.

Mini Beef Wellington

Snack on this gourmet mini-meal while admiring the reception decor and making your way to the dance floor.

Mini Reubens

Just a bite of this classic sandwich featuring corned beef and Swiss cheese hits the spot.

Petite Crab Cakes

Savory lump crab meat small enough to pop in your mouth in between dance moves.

Caprese Skewers

Tomato, mozzarella, and basil topped with balsamic glaze drizzle on a stick? Yes, please.

Mini Cannolis

Vanilla, chocolate, or ricotta filling in a bite-sized shell; what could be sweeter?

Make Snacking Interactive

Sometimes, taking a breather from the dance floor is necessary; why not give your guests something to look forward to during their break? Interactive food stations not only provide delicious options but also serve as great conversation starters; bonds that form over food can last a lifetime. Here are some unique ways to dazzle your guests and get them chatting while they’re building their perfect snack.

Fun and Unique Food Stations

Deconstructed Nacho Station 

Let your guests customize their tri-colored tortilla chips with toppings of their choice.

Mashed Potato Bar

Take mashed potatoes to the next level with decadent add-ons like sour cream, chopped bacon, gravy, and more. 

Hot Dog Station 

Elevate a classic American snack to match the occasion by offering a fun display of condiments for guests to dress up their dogs. 

Macaroni & Cheese Station

Make this classic favorite even more fun with fixings to enhance this go-to comfort food.

Sweeter Dessert Options

Don’t forget about dessert. In addition to the cake, it’s always good to provide additional options. Filling the dessert table with a unique and selection of sweets that go beyond basic cookies and brownies will make your wedding one of your guests’ sweetest memories. Here are some dessert ideas that are both tasty and fun to assemble!

Daring Dessert Ideas

Ice Cream Sundae Bar

To make ice cream even cooler, serve it in a waffle bowl and add every topping you can think of.

Cascading Chocolate Fountain

Melt your guests’s hearts with a warm flowing fountain of Belgian Chocolate and plenty of treats to dip into it. 

Bananas Foster 

Fresh bananas, butter, brown sugar, and banana liquor flamed with Dark Rum—watch the chef flambĂ© dessert right before your eyes. 

Looking for more fun food ideas? Check out our event menus.

Flowers for Everyone

Flowers are a lovely way to brighten your reception space and fill it with vibrant color. You can place arrangements on gift tables as accents, dining tables as centerpieces, and throughout the space to tie everything together. If you’re looking for a way to surprise your guests with something special to remember your wedding day, you can set up a flower station where they can create their own flower arrangement as a wedding favor. 

You’ll need to buy or rent a flower stand that can hold several different types and colors of flowers and greenery, like baby’s breath, ferns, eucalyptus, and more. You may opt to pick out the flowers yourself or work with one of our florist vendors to create a fun variety for your guests.

Next, you’ll need to purchase some vases and water for guests to put their flowers in. You can use simple glass vases, or you can provide an array of containers for guests to choose from. We recommend setting up a table away from the food and drinks and giving them everything they’ll need to make the perfect flower arrangement to take home at the end of the night. 

Remember to encourage guests to take pictures while they create their unique and colorful flower displays!

Work With Our Preferred Vendors

At Castleton, we offer more than just a venue. Whether through convenient treats, interactive food stations, unique dessert options, or creative decorations, these details can transform your wedding into an extraordinary event. We’re here to help you every step of the way, providing the services and support you need to make your dream wedding a reality. Our preferred vendors can help with all of the above and more.

Let’s work together to create a celebration you and your guests will cherish forever. Get in touch with our team today!